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The Boston Tea Party

What memories it still evokes! Our forefathers took a strong stand for what were already American Traditions - freedom, liberty, protest against unfair taxation, and the pursuit of happiness. Few people know how these early patriots celebrated their defiance following their dramatic evening at Griffin's Wharf. We believe it's time that this fascinating footnote to American history is clarified. Our task was made somewhat easier by the discovery of the long-lost letter displayed on the previous page written by J. Endicott Stevens, a participant in that historical event.


boston sea party
boston sea party


boston sea party At Boston Sea Party we have recreated this legendary feast. As in colonial days a feast to be enjoyed to the fullest cannot be rushed. Time should be taken to savor each morsel. And remember, the lobsters are coming, so leave room! Our array of glorious dishes has been expressly created for your enjoyment. Don't worry about the number of plated you use or the number of trips you make to out buffet "piers" - we're not counting, that's for sure. Remember to be selective, as even the most patriotic appetites cannot do justice to every dish on our groaning boards. Each sea partier is entitled to Maine lobster, a choice filet mignon or a choice of fresh catch as well as all he or she may wish from the bounteous selection at our piers - but only if these dishes are consumed. Old Boston's Green Dragon Tavern didn't have doggie bags, and, in the same New England tradition, neither do we.

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Boston Sea Party

It's a Restaurant Whose Time Has Returned
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