Canine Communications Animal Behavior Specialist

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There is nothing more rewarding than having a pet who truly becomes one of the family. But having a pet also brings the same responsibilities as having a child. Just like a child, a pet needs discipline and clear boundaries to feel secure and loved. Unfortunately, many pet owners give control to their dogs out of guilt or frustration with improper training. The good news is that you can “teach an old dog new tricks” so that owners and pets can live together happily and easily.

From biting and barking to house breaking and chewing, Canine Communications is your number one choice for training dogs with behavior problems in the Charlotte area.

“Working with Bruce was great. His knowledge of animal behavior enabled him to remedy some problems with Jackson, our golden retriever, which other trainers had not. Our family now enjoys a closer relationship with our dog and it is obvious that our pet is happier, too.”
-Sarah Curme

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