charleston speech and hearing center, inc.
charleston speech and hearing center, inc.
charleston speech and hearing center, inc.
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what is charleston speech and hearing center?
improving hearing and speech at charleston speech and hearing, inc. Charleston Speech & Hearing Center, Inc. is a not-for-profit health care organization for the diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders. By using our facility, you benefit from more reasonable prices. A portion of your fee is used to provide hearing services for less fortunate members of our local community.

Since 1949, Charleston Speech & Hearing Center, Inc. has helped more than 40,000 men, women, and children improve their hearing and speech for a better quality of life.

Nine Reasons To Discover Charleston Speech & Hearing Center, Inc.
1. Routine hearing exams by a certified audiologist.
2. Dispensing of all brands/types of hearing aids.
3. Smallest completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aids available.
4. Specializing in programmable hearing aids.
5. 30-day trail period with money-back guarantee.
6. Fast on-site hearing aid repairs.
7. Complete selection of assertive listening devices.
8. Most reasonable hearing aid battery prices in town.
9. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Professional diagnostic evaluations and therapy are provided for communication disorders resulting from:
bullet Articulation Disorders
bullet Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders
bullet Tongue Thrust
bullet Voice Disorders
bullet Oral-Motor Speech Disorders
bullet Fluency Disorders (Stuttering)
bullet Central Auditory Processing Disorders
bullet Autism

new identity
charleston speech and hearing center, inc.A new image for Speech & Hearing Center, Inc. is being created, helped by a total redesign of our logo, office stationery, envelopes, and staff business cards.

These office tools are adding more professionalism and pride.

Setting the Standard
From the President/CEO

president/ceo robert w. watts of charleston speech and hearingOne year ago, I joined Speech & Hearing Center, Inc. and learned that this really is a place "where miracles happen." I soon began asking for your support to create a new organization that would further enable us to benefit our patients and employees.

Our reorganization is not complete, but we sure have made progress. We've realigned our patient services, added extended hours, improved office operations, and have reached out to the community in bold new ways. Through programs such as our Battery Club, we're serving more patients than ever.

Last fall, our staff recommitted themselves to our mission by promising to reach for the stars every day. Our patients, board members, and the Charleston community are fortunate that we have the best employees in their fields. Their dedication, combined with a new vision of our future, is allowing us to become the premier provider of speech and hearing services in South Carolina.

We are so proud of our work and the difference we make in our patients' lives. As a major not-for-profit organization, we are available to serve the entire community. Our commitment and willingness to serve all Low Country residents sets us apart. Yet, we know that we must operate as a responsible, business-oriented organization in order to continue fulfilling our mission.

Throughout this issue, you'll read about new paths we're taking, new research in our field, and new ways we're reaching the community with the Charleston Speech & Hearing Center, Inc. story. I am confident of our ability to continue strengthening our organization and trust that you'll work with me and our dedicated team of professionals every step of the way.

Next year, we'll celebrate our 54th year in Charleston. While the years have brought many changes to the center, our commitment to quality patient care remains steadfast.

Robert W. Watts
Executive Director
professional hearing and speech diagnositc evaluations

New Toll-Free Number
professional hearing and speech diagnositc evaluationsTo assist our patients and supporters outside our local calling area, we have added a new toll-free phone number.

(888) 460-9544

We have received many calls via this new line. Staff members are encouraged to use this line instead of long distance while traveling on business. The number, which has been active for two months, is greatly appreciated by our patients in Northeast Georgia and South Carolina.

We Accept:
mastercard, visa, discover, and american express
national association of speech and hearing centers
Charleston Speech & Hearing Center, Inc.

Central Patient Scheduling
(843) 552-1212 or (888) 460-9544

North Charleston
Mt. Pleasant
6943 Dorchester Road, Suite 300
North Charleston, SC 29418
(Inside Heritage Trust Building)

418 Live Oak Drive
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
(Next to Alex's Restaurant)

West Ashley
Moncks Corner
1064 Gardner Road, Suite 116
Charleston, SC 29407
(Fairfield Office Park)
325 East Main Street
Moncks Corner, SC 29461
(Inside Trident United Way Building)

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charleston speech and hearing center, inc.