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"High quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."


About Us

children playingThank you for visiting www.childsplacea.com, the official website of A Child's Place Early Childhood Education center located in Gainesville, Florida. At A Child's Place we strive to provide a rich and stimulating environment that is at the same time warm, loving and supportive. A Child's Place provides care for children ages three weeks to ten years and has two locations to best serve you. Our hours of operation are from 6:30am to 6:30pm, Monday through Friday. We offer full and part time programs, after school care and enrichment classes. All lead teachers are certified and credentialed in Early Childhood Education. The center also serves breakfast, lunch and a snack at no additional cost to the parents.


Our child-centered program is designed to meet the developmental needs and interests of young children. The school provides experiences that enhance and enrich each child's total development. Throughout the toddler playing with blocksday, each child has numerous opportunities to explore, create, develop problem-solving skills, discover appropriate ways of interacting with peers and adults, and learn concepts through concrete hands-on experiences.

Cognition develops with sensory experiences through play. As children grow they need to understand the information they perceive through their senses. They need to form ideas, and learn the language that goes with those ideas. During early childhood, children form ideas and concepts about numbers, sizes, shapes, colors, textures and the laws of nature. They learn through actively experiencing and exploring their environment. It is the role of the teacher to prepare the environment for children to learn through interaction with adults, with other children eatingchildren and with materials. It is through the process of interacting with people and materials that true learning results. The concern is with process rather than product.

The emotional patterns of young children, as well as their perceptions of the world, differ from those of adults. Young children are subject to tense and often unstable emotions. Feeling comfortable and valued is essential to a child's adjustment and learning in a group situation.

The development of social skills involves two related sets of behaviors, the awareness of and interaction with others, and the development of self-control and cooperation. Social understanding develops as children participate in activities with adults and with other children. The importance of play in the lives of young children is recognized; play situations are engineered to increase interaction and cooperation among peers. Through learning to understand the feelings of others, preschoolers are taught to control aggression and to engage in social play. Thus, they learn to solve conflicts in appropriate ways.

Mission Statement

A Child's Place's teachers and caregivers strive to provide a rich and stimulating environment that is at the same time, warm, loving, and supportive. Each child's age, level of maturity, learning priorities and learning pace is considered. It is within this supportive and non-pressured environment that young children acquire a solid sense of security, positive self-esteem, a long-term enthusiasm for learning and a respect for individual, cultural and ethnic diversity. Parents and teachers are seen as partners in children's care and education. Parents are recognized and respected as children's primary care givers.

6200 SW Archer Rd.
Gainesville, FL 32608
Phone 352-375-8900
Fax 352-375-1564
License # 015100003

recipient of the gold seal of excellece by the state of florida

4127 SW 34th Street
Gainesville, FL 32605
Phone 352-376-8900
Fax 352-375-1564
License # 015100002

Hours: 6:30am-6:30pm, Monday-Friday

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Parents/Guardians are welcome to visit the school at any time.
We also welcome parents who would like to volunteer in their child's classroom.