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Program Overview

cloister creekIt is our belief that all students can learn, and we pride ourselves in setting the tone for success here at Cloister Creek. Through small group and individual instruction, our students are given the opportunity to set realistic goals and objectives as catalysts for change. Daily routines, class schedules, and household responsibilities are assigned to serve as necessary components for independent living skills to develop and internalize. This intrinsic connection is vital for generalizing and transferring skills from one environment to another and will prepare the young adult for the rewarding world of work.

cloister creekOur curricula addresses both functional and academic objectives and provides students with real life problem solving opportunities. Class topics include job readiness skills, personal and social skills, and team building sessions. Current news broadcasts are incorporated into language experience groups as students learn about their city, state, country, and affairs of the world. Individualized transitional plans are developed with each student, and progress reports are discussed with them on a weekly basis. Our new computer lab is equipped with eight Gateway 400's and is a favorite class here at school. Students receive individualized instruction and learn to manage their local checking accounts on the computer. They also write and edit our bimonthly newsletter on a weekly basis and may e-mail friends and family.

Faculty/Staff/House Parents/Community Friends
cloister creekOur faculty and staff are a dynamic group of certified educators, dedicated to working with the young adult with learning difficulties. We also employ a part-time counselor, art instructor, and on-site greenhouse manager. Several local families, eager to help, are often on campus to assist students with class projects, cooking, and to provide transportation to local activities. There is a real sense of family at Cloister Creek and everyone is a part of the plan for success for your young adult.

Program Phases
Students work through three phases while enrolled at Cloister Creek. As students arrive, they are assigned to phase I and begin the process of becoming a productive young adult. Their curriculum centers around basic academics and job readiness skills. When it is apparent that the student has mastered related goals and objectives, he or she is moved into phase II and is introduced to daily work experiences in our on-site greenhouse. As they continue to develop work adjustment skills, they begin working at local businesses. Their success is closely monitored as they work toward full-time employment. In addition, we offer phase III housing, which includes apartment living arrangements for students who are gainfully employed.

Admission Procedures

Cloister Creek requires that each applicant submit the following in order to be considered for admission:

A Completed Application Form Results of a Recent Physical Exam
Results of a Recent Psychological Evaluation Records from other professionals/educators such as a current IEP and/or speech and language overview.

The Admissions Committee will review all information. A personal interview will be scheduled for each applicant and their family. The admissions committee can be reached at Cloister Creek, P.O. Box 80310, Conyers, GA 30013. Our web site is

Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday 8:00 am Until 5:00 pm  

Cloister Creek
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