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Consumer Credit Counseling

The Consumer Credit Counseling Service assists clients in remaining financially secure, making good consumer decisions based on their ability to pay, effectively managing the family income, and avoiding the damage and heartache caused by bankruptcy. Services offered include:

    Budgeting Assistance
    Learning to use Credit Wisely
    Money Management Seminars
    Debt Management Program
    Making Sense of a Credit Report
Big Brothers Big Sisters
The Big Brothers Big Sisters program strives diligently to provide youth, ages 6 - 17, with healthy , caring friendships with adult role models. By "matching" littles with bigs who share the same interests, lasting relationships are formed: an invaluable gift to both the big and the little!

Each match is carefully screened by professional staff, and each relationship is continually supervised.

The Big Brother or Big Sister does not replace the parent or other family relationship. They supplement family life by providing friendship, support, and guidance.

The service is free.
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