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Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS)

A non-profit, accredited, and nationally affiliated financial counseling service that assists individuals with budgeting, money management, credit education, and debt reduction.

A United Way sponsored program, CCCS has served the Chattahoochee Valley for over ten years. CCCS is a division of The Family Center, a non-profit human service agency.

How Does Consumer Credit Counseling Work?
Anyone may contact the CCCS office for a confidential counseling appointment. Individuals may also be referred to CCCS by family, friends, employers, creditors, churches, legal aid organizations, social services, and/or government agencies.

Counselors analyze personal financial data and advise clients on efficient money management methods. A Debt Management Plan may be suggested for those clients needing additional help.

Debt Management Plan (DMP)
Is for individuals:
  • Who are behind in payments.
  • Who do not have enough disposable income.
  • Who are unable to make full payments to creditors.
  • Who are unable to pay debts in a timely manner.
The Debt Management Plan is:
  • A voluntary repayment plan set up between clients and creditors.
  • Making a single monthly payment to satisfy all creditors.
Additional Services Provided
CCCS offers assistance with:
  • Credit difficulties.
  • Budgeting of living expenses to determine areas of excess spending.
  • Money management counseling to help individuals set goals for saving, paying off debts, and investing.
  • Understanding Credit Reports, Credit Ratings, and establishing good credit.
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