Floied Fire Extinguisher & Steam CleaningEstablished in 1959Serving the Mid-South since 1959
3050 Lamar Ave. - Memphis, TN 38114Call 901-743-3345
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Floied Fire Extinguisher & Steam Cleaning Co., Inc. has been serving the Memphis and surrounding area for 41 years. We are not only a supplier of new extinguishers and systems, but also a full service company for installations and inspections.

We have a full fleet of service trucks and service technicians to inspect and recharge on site. Of course, they also carry new fire extinguishers for instant installation.

Our steam cleaning crews work at your convenience: nights, weekends, and even the wee hours of the morning, because we understand the need for clean equipment, floors, walls, and ceilings, but not at the expense of lost sales. Our motto is "We clean almost anything", give us a challenge!

Floied Fire Extinguisher & Steam Cleaning

Once we inspect your units/systems or steam clean your property, your information (including the frequency of service desired by you or your insurance company) is entered into our computer. Thereafter, our computer informs us accordingly to when your company is next due for service so we can promptly notify you.

We appreciate this opportunity to introduce our products and services. If I can personally be of further assistance, feel free to call me at 901-743-3345. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  Here are some features that separate us from the other guys:
1) Computerized equipment and approval by the U.S. Dept of
    Transportation for hydrostatic testing.
2) 24-Hour Emergency Service.
3) Local Fire Department approval of system installations.
4) Bonded steam cleaning employees.
5) Fully Insured.
6) Free on site quotes.
7) Free installation and delivery on new fire extinguishers.
8) We stand behind our work.


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