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  Conveniently located in the heart of Kendall. A visit to our restaurant is an occasion to remember. You'll love fine Japanese dining served with style and friendliness. Our selections are not just delicious, they are a work of art!  
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fish teriyaki
Fish Teriyaki - Filets of white meat fish, sauteed and sauced

sushi mori, sashimi tempura, steak teriyaki
Sushi Mori, Sashimi I Tempura, Steak Teriyaki

age nasu
Age Nasu

take out boat
Take-Out Boat
11:30 AM - 2:30 PM Substitutions extra charge
158-Special Lunch Combo $7.75
With soup or salad, California roll tsukidash and any two of the following 1 - Sushi 2 - Sashimi 3 - Yakiniku 4 - Chicken Teri
5-Fish Teri 6 - Chicken Katsu 7 - Pork Katsu 8 - Croquette



All boneless & skinless (With rice, miso soup or green salad)
121-Teriyaki Sauteed and sauced. $9.95
122-Katsu Breaded and fried to perfect crispness. $9.95
123-Stir Fry Chicken and Vegetables $10.95


(With rice & miso soup or green salad)
124-Shoga Yaki Tender slices of pork sauteed with ginger. $10.95 125-Tonkatsu Pork cutlet, deep fried and crisp
         still juicy inside. $10.95
126-Stir Fry Pork and Vegetables $11.95


(With rice & miso soup or green salad)
127 -Steak Teriyaki $12.95 N.Y. strip steak cooked to order with
         our homemade teriyaki sauce.
128-Grilled Steak N.Y. strip steak cooked to order. $12.95
129-Yakiniku $12.95 Sliced beef with onions, seasoned and          sauced. Delightful!!!
130-Stir-Fry Beef and Vegetables $12.95

(With rice & miso soup or green salad)
131-Ebi Fry Giant shrimp breaded and fried to
perfect crispness.          $12.95
132-Sauteed Shrimp With mushrooms in teriyaki sauce.
133-Sauteed Conch With mushrooms in teriyaki sauce.
134-Stir-Fry Shrimp and Vegetables $13.95

135-Sauteed Scallops With mushrooms in teriyaki sauce. $13.95
136-Lobsters Tails Teriyaki Sauteed with vegetables and sauced.          $18.00
137-Fish Teriyaki Filets of wine meat fish, sauteed
and sauced          $12.95

138-Fish Katsu Breaded filets of white meat fish, fried to crisp          perfection $12.95
139-Salmon Teriyaki Norwegian salmon, sauteed
and sauced          $14.95
140-Grilled Salmon $14.95
141-Seafood Combination Teriyaki
Sauteed Lobster, shrimp and          scallops $14.95
"Deep fried perfection".
Tempura features foods dipped in the lightest of batters before frying.
(With rice & miso soup or green salad)
142-Ebi Ten Colossal shrimp and fresh vegetables. $13.95
143- Seafood Tempura Shrimp , Scallops, Crabstick, fish and vegetables
144- Yasai Ten A medley of garden fresh vegetables $7.95

Japan's famous " one pot cookery"... a hearty meal!
152 - Yosenabe $12.95 Chicken, fish, shrimp and assorted vegetables cooked and served in a pot.


Fujiya Japanese Restaurant
11768 SW 88th Street • Miami, Florida 33186
Telephone 305 382-1700

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