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carolina hope christian adoption agency
carolina hope christian adoption agency


Chinese Adoption

Who can adopt?
In April 1999, China changed its law regarding international adoptions. Now those 30 years and older can adopt a Chinese child even if they have other children. China allows single men, 40 years or older, to adopt. About one-third of all adopters are single.

What children are available?
Primarily girls over the age of six months old are available, and at the time of adoption, the girls are usually between nine and 15 months old. Boys are also available, but waiting for a boy can take longer. The boys are generally older than the girls when placed. Twins are very rarely available for adoption. At present, the Chinese authorities are reluctant to allow a family to adopt two children at one time.

Are the children healthy?
In general, the children are in good health because there is little or no incidence of prenatal exposure to drugs or alcohol or to sexually transmitted diseases. Because the babies are well cared for in a loving environment, attachment disorders are rare.

How do I adopt from China?
There are various steps that must be taken to complete any international adoption. You must have a home study done, receive approval from Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS), and complete a dossier as required by the China Center of Adoption Affairs. These steps can be worked on simultaneously. Keep a file of all documents and always have a copy of any document. CAROLINA HOPE Christian Agency sends your paperwork out for you to the proper Embassy or consulate.

When will a child be assigned to me?
About six months after all your paperwork has been at the China Center of Adoption Affairs, a child will be assigned to you. This means that you will be given a small picture (about one by two inches) and a medical report of a child.

When do I travel?
     After all paperwork from the province is received by the China Center of Adoption Affairs, then a document granting you permission to travel is issued and sent to the adoption agency. You usually travel in about 30-60 days after your child is assigned to you.
     Unlike other agencies, you do not necessarily travel in a group; therefore, you do not have to wait until a certain number of adoptive families are ready to also travel.
     When you arrive in China, an English-speaking representative will meet you. The next day you will go to the town of the orphanage, where you will meet your child.
     Only one parent needs to travel to China. The stay is about one week to 10 days, depending upon if there are holidays, which close the consulates.

What does an adoption cost?
     In 1996, Families with Children from China, a support group, estimated the expenses associated with a Chinese adoption to be between $15,000 and $20,000. However, CAROLINA HOPE Christian Adoption Agency and the affiliate agencies, Harrah Family Services and AIM, strive to keep total expenses, including travel below $15,000.

What is the process?
 A.Complete home study and I-600 A Form and receive INS approval. 
 B.Gather documents for your dossier and submit them to CAROLINA HOPE Christian Adoption Affairs for cerification and authentication. 
 C.CAROLINA HOPE Christian Adoption Affairs sends your dossier to AIM to be approved; the dossier is then sent to the China Center for Adoption Affairs, where it is translated. 
 D.Wait about six months for an assignment of a child. 
 E.Travel to China to attend your child's adoption in the orphanage providence. 
 F.Travel to Guangzhou, China to the U.S. Embassy to receive your child's visa. 
 G.Bring your daughter home to the United States! 

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carolina hope christian adoption agencycarolina hope christian adoption agency

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