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Quick Find and Delivery
We use a computerized inventory systems to accommodate even the toughest requests. Our quality used automotive parts can be located quickly making life much easier for Dealerships, Service or Repair Shops, Body Shops, and our walk-in customers. Local customers can take advantage of our free local delivery service.

Extended Warranties available on low mileage components.

Live Phone Voice
Don't call looking for a machine. With our understanding customer service policy you get a live person each time.

Crushing Service
We can come to your facility, crush and haul your scrap. We can help you find the best dollar for your scrap. Contact us today for the latest scrap pricing and contracting information.


Personal Service, Courteous Staff and Quality Parts are what we are all about.
We Accept:
mastercard, visa, american express, discover

M & S Auto Parts
155 Roberts Road • Fayetteville, GA 30214-4009
(800) 568-3838 • (770) 461-1247 • Fax (770) 719-4557
E-mail Us At: part@mindspring.com

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