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dental toolsOur business is unique to Mississippi. The Southern Area Dental Hygienists Alliance is a business that supplies dental hygienist's services throughout the state of Mississippi by contracting our employees to area dental offices. The hygienist is to be at all times employed with the Southern Area Dental Hygienists Alliance while contracting services to area dentists. This is both profitable to the dental office in which we contract, and it enables our dental hygienists much more flexibility in their profession by providing employment opportunities within the Southern Area Dental Hygienists Alliance.

You may contract for monthly time periods, daily, weekly, etc., and we will provide the hygienist. Our hygienists are screened for educational degrees, up-to-date licensure, and continuing education credits. Our hygienists will provide your office with hygiene services only, such as exposing radiographs, processing radiographs, scaling, scaling and rootplaning, probing, patient education, sealant placement, and promoting the dental hygiene care and maintenance programs that your office prefers. You must be an active licensed dentist for the state of Mississippi to qualify for our services. Call today for information and/or reservation of hygienists for your office.

The benefits to the Mississippi dental practitioner:
...1) The opportunity to utilize a variety of dental hygienists within the scope of the dental practice.
...2) The opportunity to absolve the dental practice of many state taxes, FICA, unemployment tax, federal tax, etc., associated with employing persons part-time or full-time.
...3) The opportunity to contract a dental hygienist upon short notice to fulfill immediate needs.
...4) The opportunity to contract to fulfill employment needs of satellite offices.
...5) The opportunity to contract for other needed office positions such as certified dental assistants and receptionists as our business grows.
...6) The knowledge that the dental hygienist contracted is licensed and has met requirements for employment in accordance with our company's policies.
...7) The knowledge that your practice is protected in that our hygienists carry liability insurance.

The benefits to the Mississippi dental hygienist:

...1) The opportunity to remain in a dental-health-related profession.
...2) The opportunity for job growth and diversity within a company.
...3) The opportunity for flexible job schedules.
...4) The opportunity to grow with a company to achieve group benefits.
...5) The opportunity to travel within the state with expenses paid while encompassing greater knowledge of dental procedures and practices.
...6) The opportunity to build job security within a growing company.
...7) The opportunity to preserve our profession and ensure quality health care to the citizens of Mississippi.
...8) The opportunity to have many expenses offset with our employment: uniforms furnished, licensure renewal paid, assistance with expenditures incurred for continuing education requirements, CPR renewal paid.
...9) The hygienists' liability insurance is paid through the company.


e-mail us at:  alwillncc@aol.com

Southern Area Dental Hygienists Alliance
P.O. Box 54097 • Jackson, MS 39288-4097
(601) 664-2192 • Toll Free (877) 256-3634
Fax:  (877) 644-1397

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