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Why is Ted Shed's Your Best Value?
Direct questions from customers help explain the importance of quality in the selection of your portable storage building.
Roof Tie
"What should I look for in a quality shed?"
Integrated construction, using the most durable materials and engineered fasteners, will meet local and state building codes and provide the greatest strength and long lasting service. Ted's Sheds feature:
  • Framed construction of Southern Yellow Pine, not light weight Spruce or Fir.
  • Framing spaced in 16" or 24" increments, per local building code and/or customer preference.
  • Horizontal support bracing on the inside of all the walls, not dadoed into the back of the wall, which reduces wall strength.
"Does my shed meet Florida's hurricane codes?"
YES! Ted's Sheds are engineered to comply with the Standard Building Code and the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs (DCA) regulations. The sheds are engineered to withstand wind loads up to 120 m.p.h.!
Truss Plate
  • Installation includes heavy-duty "mobile home type" anchors.
  • Skids are connected with hurricane clips to the floor joists.
  • Wall studs are connected with galvanized steel straps to the floor.
  • Galvanized steel truss plates are hydraulically installed at each frame connection.
Floor Tie
"How will my shed hold up in Florida's climate?"
Ted's Sheds most popular sheds are specifically designed for Florida's demanding environment. Key factors include:
  • Aluminum siding, which will not rust, rot, or decay.
  • Exclusive ridge vent, available to release heat through the roof.
  • Aluminum framed door for a secure fit, - that will not rot or warp.
  • Weather-seal around door and foam-seal around the sides and roof, to help keep out bugs and blowing rain.
  • Pressure treated sill plate, flooring, joists and skids resist bugs and rot.
"Will my shed require much maintenance?"
Years of rigorous testing and field experience have led to Ted's Sheds insistence on low maintenance construction details:
Hurricane Clips
  • Concrete foundation blocks, so skids don't contact damp ground.
  • 3/4" pressure treated, tongue and groove "Sturdi-Floor" plywood, not untreated, poor quality wood covered with paint or Copper-Tox.
  • Pressure treated 2" x 4" sill plates.
  • Nails, not staples, are used to fasten the wood together.
  • Maintenance free aluminum siding and roofs, with baked enamel paint available in more than 20 colors!
Ted's Sheds WarrantyThe only Lifetime Warranty in the businessGive us a call today!

What is covered by the warranty?
As the oldest portable building manufacturer in Florida, Ted's Sheds understands the importance of standing behind the product... and puts that commitment in writing.

Most importantly, the company has the experience, the resources, and the willing attitude to keep that commitment, and to provide exemplary service, long after delivery and installation of every high quality Ted's Sheds building.

Every Ted's Shed Has It's Own Serial Number

Building Registration
A metal registration plate, inscribed with the serial number that corresponds to your original purchase documents, is installed on your Ted's Sheds building, certifying that it is an authentic, quality built Ted's Sheds product.

Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty
Ted's Sheds guarantees its workmanship to be free of defects and its aluminum and paint against corrosion for a lifetime. It is the only limited lifetime warranty in the industry against corrosion, termites, and decay.

Confidence in the quality of the product and the desire to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty allow Ted's Sheds to offer the most complete warranty in the business.

Certificate of Origin
The certificate documents the original purchase of an authentic Ted's Sheds building and includes written confirmation of the manufacturer's serial number.


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