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Bird Supplies

large cage
large stock of feed
lots of toys to keep your bird busy

Everything you will need to keep your bird happy and healthy is also at The Bird Store. We carry several lines of high quality bird seed and pellets, the biggest supply of large cages in Central Florida, toys to keep your bird busy, and an informational resource section second to none, with books, video tapes, and a knowledgeable staff. We also carry nest boxes, breeder supplies, and other hard to find items.

In short, The Bird Store has it ALL!

bird food

bird doing a trickBoarding at The Bird Store

If you are going out of town, trust The Bird Store to care for your bird. For a modest daily rate you will be sure that the feathered member of your family is being cared for properly.

The Bird Store
2600 S. Bumby Ave.  •  Orlando, FL  32806
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