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Therma Seal Roofs, Inc. is a corporate entity, incorporated in the State of Florida on July 29, 1982. The charter number is F92546. The State of Florida, Department of Corporations shows the status of the corporation as active with the most recent Annual Report filed on May 20, 1998. Serving Florida since 1976.


Therma Seal's total staff has remained very consistent over the last several years. We employ at a minimum approximately one hundred and fifty (150) people and have maintained over the last twelve months a staff of approximately two hundred (200) people. Two (2) staff members are Florida Certified General Contractors.

Top management consists of the principals and primarily five (5) people who are responsible for overseeing each department. In addition we have on staff, a Florida Registered Architect, a full-time safety manager, four (4) estimators, two (2) General Superintendents, fourteen (14) on-site Project Managers/Superintendents, five (5) administrative/office support staff, two (2) full-time automotive and equipment mechanics, and fifteen (15) metal shop mechanics. Our field crews consist of approximately one hundred and fifty (150) men - roofing mechanics, kettlemen and laborers.


Therma Seal Roofs, Inc. corporate office is centrally located at 1333 - 53rd Street in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our location is minutes away from I-95 and allows for quick access to our market area. In addition, Therma Seal Roofs, Inc. maintains satellite offices in Dade and Brevard counties. In this manner we are fully capable of manning projects, currently from Titusville to the north, Naples to the west and Miami-Dade to the south.


Over the last twenty-two (24) years Therma Seal has demonstrated it's financial capabilities and abilities to properly complete work. Never once in the past twenty-three (24) years has Therma Seal failed to complete any project nor has any Bonding Company ever had to complete a project on our behalf. Therma Seal has established bonding capacity of fifteen million dollars ($15,000,000.00) with a single bond limit of five million dollars (5,000,000.00).


Valued Engineering - Therma Seal practices the policy of approaching the project as a member of the team. Whenever possible, we will propose valued engineering which may make an otherwise over budgeted project possible. We are capable of evaluating most aspects of construction, especially roofing, and of presenting the valued engineering suggestions and savings in a format that is easily understood. On the Spanish Court Market Place project for the City of Riviera Beach, we offered the City in excess of one hundred and twenty thousand dollars ($120,000.00) in valued engineering on a one million dollar ($1,000,000.00) bid. This enabled the City to incorporate other aspects of the work, which had been phased due to budgetary constraints.

Construction Scheduling - Therma Seal Roofs, Inc. is fully computerized for scheduling, job costing, purchasing and project management. All project schedules are prepared using Microsoft Project. Our integrated software for accounting/job cost program is DataPro and all facets of the construction process are coded for job cost tracking. The construction schedule is defined to a level of logical thinking, showing all tasks to be performed with the scheduled duration of each task. In this regard the critical path can be determined as well as "float or slack" days which may be required to bring the project in on schedule. The baseline (initial) schedule is developed to both the Owner's /Consultant's and Contractor's satisfaction and consequent modifications tracked and the schedule modified to show the impact of modifications to each task.

Shop drawings for each trade are tracked as a separate task for shop drawing preparation, submission and review, and fabrication and delivery. This is recommended, as multiple submissions of a shop drawing for approval, or delayed ordering on long lead items could adversely impact the construction schedule.

Therma Seal informs all subcontractors of the project schedule and requests detailed CPM scheduling from all trades. These schedules are reviewed for compliance and are incorporated into the overall baseline schedule. This schedule is then made part of the subcontract agreement between Therma Seal and the subcontractor. Subcontractors are required to maintain and update their job schedule as it compares to the baseline schedule and to submit their revised schedules with their monthly requisitions. This information is used to track subcontractor progress and delays and to update the Master Baseline Schedule.

The initial schedule for the project is developed by the Estimator/Project Manager. Prior to job start the schedule is re-evaluated by the production department to ensure that the anticipated resources required to complete the job have not been allocated or affected elsewhere that might impact the schedule. Production determines, based on the immediate total workforce committed to this and other projects, what maximum manpower can be given to this project and what will be required to bring the project in ahead of/or on schedule. The coordination of other trades and how this will affect the roofing manpower is also evaluated and the resources assigned accordingly. In every instance, Therma Seal ensures that all required roofing materials and equipment are loaded and sub-trade work required prior the commencement of the re-roofing are in place before crews are sent to the job.

Construction scheduling, both on a Gantt Chart and in the field, is a normal part of our daily operations. Each estimator is fully versed in Microsoft Project and project scheduling and is responsible for the preparation of the schedules. Our field superintendents are trained on the interpretation and updating of these schedules.

Construction Quality Control - Therma Seal takes quality control very seriously and has a full time Quality Control representative whose primary function is to check each and every project for compliance with our quality control policy. In addition our Operations Manager and the roofing manufacturer's technical representative will check the project for compliance with quality control.

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