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Standard YP Color and Display Size-

Black  One Color
( Red Green Blue)
Multi-Color White Knock-Out Process Color
Leader Ad  QC Quarter Column 144 x 180 pts
DTS Business Card 294 x 144 pts DQC Double Quarter 294 x 180 pts
TQC Dollar Bill 444 x 180 pts DHC Quarter Page 294 x 366 pts
THC Third Page 444 x 366 pts HP Half Page 594 x 366 pts
TQP Triple Quarter 444 x 738 pts FP Full Page 594 x 738 pts
Double Truck LFP+RFP  

Dining Guide

Fine Dining Casual Dining Take Out & Delivery Catering
DGSL Single listing = anchor 580x30pts DGRL Regular Listing (3 lines of text) 580x60pts
DGDL (graphic on left,7 text lines) 580x120pts DGTL (pic/logo on left, pic(s)/logo on rt, up to 12 text lines) 580x180pts
DGQP Quarter Page 289x298pts
DGHP Half Page 582x298pts DGFP Full Page (same size as cover ads) 582x694pts

Golf Guide Color and Specialty Sizes, please select Display Ad size from above: 

White Knock-Out Process Color GGSRL Single listing 594x18pts
GGRL Regular listing 594x37pts GGDL Deluxe listing 594x73pts
GGTL 3 lines of text 594x180pts GG2TL Text listing and art 580x180pts
GGBAN Banner 594x74pts GGCUPN Coupon


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