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Kim Brothers is an affiliate of Yoo Jin Kim Institute of Tae Kwon Do and has been in the Atlanta area since 1968. Master Doohan Kim, 7th Dan Black Belt, is the Master Instructor and Ms. Darlene Nichols, 4th Dan Black Belt, has been with the Kim brothers for over 14 years and is the Chief Instructor. Ms. Nichols is the highest ranked female instructor in the state of Georgia.

World Martial Arts builds people, not just fighters. It concentrates on the whole body. Tae Kwon Do helps to develop almost every single muscle in the body. We tone muscles, hands, feet and eyes. Everyone feels better mentally and physically after a lesson. We always have a few minutes of meditation at the end of class so that the student can think about the things they did and learned in class that day. They can think about what they accomplished. This helps build peace of mind. Our key word "PATIENCE" is an admirable trait that all of us claim and few of us have.
One of the places that you would least expect to find a person being taught patience is in a Tae Kwon Do studio, or so you would think, but in our studio, it is a virtue that is taken seriously. Not only in practice, but in every thing you do, have patience. Whether driving your car or cooking dinner, give yourself the gift of time. Don't try to beat the red light. Patience can save your life!

We are successful because we continue to modernize physically while maintaining our strict mental principals. Tae Kwon Do is great for kids because it gives them a place to let out their frustrations. Adults can go somewhere or talk to somebody to relieve pressure, but where does a kid go? They can't drive and a lot of times, the parents don't have time to deal with their seemingly trivial problems. In Tae Kwon Do, they work these out while building character. They become more sure of themselves, which is important at that stage of their lives. If we can help them grow up with a good outlook and physically confident, they have a good chance of succeeding in whatever they do. The best way to sum it up is by the 5 commandments that the students recite:

             1) Think first of courtesy and respect.
             2) Foster the spirit of effort and immediate positive actions.
             3) Strive for a better personality.
             4) Keep the way of sincerity.
             5) Utilize knowledge and physical vigor for the purpose of right.

Today, no one is safe from the threat of violence, but a knowledge of Tae Kwon Do can help you protect yourself and possibly save your life. Tae Kwon Do for self defense, weight control, physical fitness and spiritual development.

Beginner classes now open. Group and private lessons for men, women and children.

Seven locations to serve you:

Stone Mountain
(404) 296-5555
(404) 296-9272
(770) 992-7600
(770) 277-9909

(404) 684-1000
(770) 226-9222
(770) 226-9222
(770) 321-9965
(770) 471-5425


World Martial Arts

5895-A Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Office: (404) 296-9272 Fax: (404) 296-0055

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