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What is Tae Kwon Do?kim brothers

It is action philosophy; the Korean art of self defense. Literally translated, it means "foot, hand art" way of life. However, there is much more than kicking and punching. It is designed as a non-violent art system of entire body practice and a way of life. It includes physical and mental discipline with a deep philosophy through which one develops good coordination and a strong body.
Tae Kwon Do helps develop you MENTALLY by building self confidence, gaining good judgment and developing a sound mind. It also develops you PHILOSOPHICALLY by teaching you to respect others, help others, be honest and always stand by the weak.
Thus, it is a guide for the formation of an outstanding character, a modern world sport and a philosophy
Tae Kwon Do is the oldest and greatest martial art in the world!

The morals of humanity are based on social organization and establishment of proper Do. Establishment of this Do requires certain values. Foremost, between parent and child is love; between king and man is manner; between wife and husband is distinction; between old man and youth is respect and between friends is faith. We can still apply these values to today's society. For example: first, without parents, we do not exist. Parents are our roots, therefore we must have respect for them. Second, old people have experience and wisdom in life, thus, they, too must be respected.
This is one reason for the belt system in Tae Kwon Do; respect for seniors. Third, not only must we have faith in friends, we must expand our faith to all human relations. Even with material well being, like a little man, we will feel emptiness due to lack of faith.

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